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The price of our products varies depending on what type of barcode you want & the quantity you need.

Retail barcode packages vary in price according to the number of barcodes you need. You will receive a unique barcode number; barcode images; a guarantee certificate; and barcode registration with each barcode package purchase.

If you only need the barcode pictures to be created (for a barcode number you already have), you can order barcode images from us. The prices for barcode images can be viewed here.

Barcode Verification Reports can be ordered for X for each barcode that requires verification. We will need to receive a copy of your product packaging (with the barcode printed on it). Please visit our Barcode Verification Page to place an order for this.

Barcode Registration is included in our barcode packages but can be purchased if you have a barcode through another provider. Barcode Registration is an optional service we offer that can improve the internet presence of your product, and help your product information to appear when the barcode is scanned via mobile phone scanning apps. Please visit the Barcode Registration Page for further details.