EAN barcode for retail products

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EAN and GTIN are internationally valid standards for product identification – essential for anyone who wants to sell items in stationary retail or on e-commerce platforms such as Ebay and Amazon. Both are 13-digit codes that are assigned only once worldwide, thus enabling unique identification. There is no difference between EAN and GTIN. Officially, the term GTIN replaced EAN in 2009.
These 13-digit codes are suitable for use on all retail products except for books and magazines and can be used worldwide. The only place where another barcode is more common is in North America where UPC-A Barcodes are more popular.

If you buy a barcode package, you will receive:
1. A unique EAN-13 barcode number;
2. Barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpeg, png, svg & pdf);
3. A guarantee certificate
4. Barcode Registration

  • 29,00  29,00 

    Includes 21% VAT

    EAN-Barcode Paket
    Scope of delivery:
    ○ 13-digit GTIN number (GS1 prefix 07)
    with barcode graphics in the format: png, jpg, svg, pdf
    ○ Certificate / Deed of Ownership
    ○ CSV file of numbers
    ○ Free product registration

    Digital product:
    ○ Free shipping via email
    ○ Delivery immediately after receipt of payment

    Single & bulk price for one (incl. VAT):

    Qty price for one Qty price for one
    1 29,00 € 100 – 199 4,00 €
    2 – 4 26,00 € 200 – 249 3,00 €
    5 – 9 20,00 € 250 – 499 2,50 €
    10 – 24 15,00 € 500 – 749 2,00 €
    25 – 49 11,00 € 750 – 999 1,70 €
    50 – 74 6,00 € 1000 1,40 €
    75 – 99 4,80 €

    From 1000 pieces we would be happy to make an individual offer.

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How to use your barcode:

1. Incorporate your barcode graphic into your product design

Choose the format (png, jpg, svg, pdf) that suits you best. You can now resize it to fit your product packaging. If you resize, be sure to consider the requirements for barcode graphics. To include the graphic on the product packaging, flat places are best (so that scanning is easy). However, you can also opt for stick-on labels that are manually applied to the product.

2. Print your packaging

The next step is to print your packaging. It is recommended to create a proof print first to check if the barcode was printed correctly and is scannable. If you order a test report from us, you will ensure that the test print is readable (scannable) under a wide variety of circumstances. By using this test report, you prevent high costs for new production in case of a misprint. It is best to discuss whether you need a test report with your retailer.

3. Send your product to the retailer

In this step, the barcode (including the number) is associated with the particular product. When the barcode is scanned for the first time, the retailer will record the product information in the scanning system. After this is done, at this merchant the product information will always appear automatically when scanning.
At any time, you can also register your product with us. This will increase the web presence of your product and at the same time allow people to find your product via scanner app.