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Competent customer service: As a Barcode Deutschland customer, you are in good hands. Our expertise is not limited to EAN codes, but covers the entire logistics chain for your products. No matter what question you have regarding barcodes in retail or online trade, call or write us.

Unused legal EAN: Numbers offered with us are sold once, are unused and will not be sold to other customers.

No membership or subsequent fees: No membership is required and there are no fees. By paying the invoice, the numbers become your property.

Worldwide use: Our EAN numbers are for worldwide use and our UPC-A numbers are for use in the United States. Occasionally, larger retailers may have restrictions. Please check beforehand if our numbers can be used for your purposes.

Test number: You can order a test EAN from us for free. Write us a short email and we will send you the barcode immediately. This way you can check yourself without any problems that our numbers work for you.

Maintenance of our EAN: Before selling the numbers we check them for illegal use. No one else can legally use your number without your permission.

Perfect barcode graphics: You get from us the standard barcode graphics. You will get them in 100% (SC2) size in 4 different file formats. If you need a specific format or size, you will receive them free of charge.

Origin of Barcode Estonia EAN Numbers

The well-known EAN numbering system has its roots in North America. In the mid 70’s the company GPCC was founded there, which introduced a standard for numbers and barcodes. Their first codes were 12-digit numbers called UPC codes. Today, UPC codes are still used in retail stores in North America.The company UCC was responsible for issuing and managing the UPC codes. This company sold the numbers to its customers and registered them as legal owners in the UCC customer database.

In Europe, a similar organization emerged that worked with 13-digit numbers. These were not sold, but issued to customers with annual license fees. These customers were listed in the EAN customer database. In the beginning of 2000 both companies merged and founded GS1. From that time on, the UPC codes from North America and the EAN codes from Europe were merged in GS1. Since then also the term GTIN is used.

Because the numbers were sold by UCC and licensed by the company EAN, two business models and also two customer databases met here. It was decided that numbers sold by UCC until 28.08.2002 will belong to the customer forever without annual follow-up costs. All numbers issued since then are subject to GS1’s license fees. Both customer databases have been merged into the GEPIR database. For all those numbers issued by the UCC, the owner at the time is shown. Although they have resold their unused numbers to the International Barcode Network.