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NOTE: When you get to the checkout page, please enter your barcode numbers into the “enter your barcode number(s) here” box. If you have more than one barcode number, please separate each number with a comma. We will then send you an email asking for proof that you own the barcode numbers. When we receive proof of barcode ownership, we will activate your barcode numbers for registration and give you instructions for how to register them on

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    Barcode Registration

    “Barcode Registration” means that you can register your barcode number and product/company details on the International Barcodes Database (information that you submit to that database also filters through to several other online barcode databases).

    Add the quantity you require to the cart, and then proceed to check out. Please enter your barcode number(s) in the “additional information” section when you get to the check out page.

    Once we receive your order for Barcode Registration we will email you to request proof of ownership (so that we can verify that you are the owner of that barcode number). We will then activate your barcode number for registration and give you instructions for how to register your barcode.

    Please note that Barcode Registration is included for free if you buy one of our EAN or UPC barcode packages or barcode numbers.

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    10 + 6,00 €
    25 + 4,50 €
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Benefits of Barcode Registration

1. Customers can easily access your product information.

By scanning the barcode on your product with a mobile app, a customer can see important product information at a glance. The EAN search provides him with details about the manufacturer, price, product name and sometimes sales outlets.

2. Customers can find your product faster on search engines.

Registration of your EAN can improve the Internet profile of your product, i.e. when your barcode number is entered, your product information will appear on Google or other search engines.

3. Better net presence for more sales

EAN registration not only improves your ranking in search engines. It also enhances your general presence on the web. Your company and your products will be found more easily on the Internet – an important success aspect in the fast-moving e-commerce age.

4. Effective prevention against misuse of your EAN

EAN registration is the most effective prevention against illegal use of your EAN numbers by other players on Amazon or similar sites. The best way to protect your numbers is to book our EAN registration service today or register your numbers yourself. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.