The Grass Roots Bakery is an organic gluten free family business. Andrea Walsh started Grassroots because she and her family were not only intolerant to gluten but to preservatives and dairy as well. Their vision is to provide people who suffer with allergies or intolerances an opportunity to enjoy staple foods without any compromise in taste or texture.

We asked Andrea why she chose to use

How did you hear about

Google search and research online

 Why did you choose

Secure, straightforward and well explained

Did you use barcode numbers right from product design, or did you first start selling your products without barcodes?

Used barcodes from the start. Customers (even farm shops) required it.

Which products are you selling, and where are your products being sold?

We sell gluten free white bread mix, gluten free brown bread mix, gluten free pizza base mix, gluten free plain muffin mix, and gluten free choc chip muffin mix. Our products are for sale in Estonia only at the moment.

 Were there any problems/challenges with barcodes?

No all worked well and straightforward

Would you recommend

Yes I would. The information is sent to you as a customer within minutes in lots of different forms (PDF, Jpeg etc) so easy to incorporate into pack design.